EVPO Document Circulation

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EVPO Document Circulation is a workflow management web application. It can be used to store files, in particular documents, with metadata information in a central location in the internet or intranet. The main purpose of the application is to help manage workflow associated with those files between a group of users.

EVPO Document Circulation is open source and free application based on .NET framework using MySql database.


What Is Missing?

EVPO Document Circulation is a basic workflow management system and it does not have many features that other systems have:


The source and installers on Codeplex: http://evpodc.codeplex.com

Known Issues

Issue tracker on Codeplex: http://evpodc.codeplex.com

To Developers

Project structure can be found here

If you want to build the project, MySql Connector .NET is needed.

About Author

Evgeny Pokhilko's blog on Wordpress http://evpo.wordpress.com

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You can add a comment to this blog post for help: http://evpo.wordpress.com/2008/11/18/evpodc-getting-started-part1/

Suggestions, help, issues and contributions: evpomail@gmail.com


License: GNU General Public License v2

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